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  2. My Resource & Wcif have been updated!
  3. I use adfly on my download links, hope you guys don't mind :/


CC  Magic wont open, i click it and nothing happens then i click it again and i get a popup saying “only one instance of this program can be open at any one time”

Anonymous: what's your TOU?



wip, probably upload tomorrow 

Ya-a Female Skaterskirt by Simt0rr

Mesh & textures by me

Fully Morphed

7 recolorable variations (too lazy to take screenshots of the basic ones..) 

don’t be mean pls follow my tou

have fun! tag #simt0rr if you can?..


Finishing a lot of old projects before school starts, can’t wait to test them in game *-*


this song gives me life



OG Gangsta Alien Backpack

Yay I hit a follower milestone!

Watch how I made it here

Models - Kora by Me


Why u make this when I left sims 3

I hate you </3 </3 :’(

i actually like it okayyy

loving this hair

Wippppppp *-*

still a lot of work to be done 

dear cas,