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Anonymous: /post/92507163737/summers-halfway-over wcif these necklaces??

90’s choker here

the other one i already answered 

Anonymous: /post/58807384770 wcif the flower tshit?

It’s one of my shirts that i haven’t released, but i will soon :3

edwardsimblrhands: :D hifive for california ~


Sk8terskirt Overalls for Ya-A Female


Anonymous: what is your 5 favorite pieces of custom content? (can be hair, clothes, anything) thanks for answering~
Anonymous: wcif the alien choker? /post/92507163737/summers-halfway-over

It’s mine, It’s still a wip but i’ll release it soon! :p

summer’s halfway over 


simt0rr's new overalls ;-; <3 


simt0rr's upcoming Sk8 Skirt Overalls 

I love this so much!! It’s very stylish and adorable ❤ Thank you for nice CC ^-^

and then Chloe had a drink..

dear cas,